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Doozy is the app to make a difference in your municipality.
By helping and sending in reports about trash, broken things or any other things to your municipality it allows them to easy take action. In the mean time you can follow the status of your report and keep up to date with the latest news in your municipality!

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What is Doozy all about?

With Doozy you can read the local news to keep you up to date with everything that is happening around you. But you can also help your municipality by sending in reports about trash, problems with the roads or maybe some other things you would like to inform your municipality about. By sending in a report it allows them to easily take action and keep you informed during the process.

If you can, please include some pictures and your location. This way the municipality has all the right information to start working on it directly!

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Explore the features of Doozy

Doozy has many features. You can read the local news from the municipality, send in reports and receive push notifications.
The municipality has access to an administration website to enable easy handling of reports, news and other settings!

Doozy is also available in multiple languages.

  • Accordion Icon Send reports

    Do you see something that you believe your municipality needs to know about? Are there some problems with the roads, water or electricity? Or maybe you see some trash dumped near you?

    Don't hesitate and send in a report. Please include some pictures so that the municipality can look at it as soon as possible. Your location will be used to help the municipality locate the problems easier.

  • Accordion Icon Read the local news

    The municipality can post news in Doozy. This way you can be updated of the things going on in your municipality.

  • Accordion Icon Receive notifications

    When you send in a report the municipality will start looking into that. When they work on your report you can receive push notifications to see the current status. If you do not want this, you can disable push notifications in the settings.

    In case of an important event or emergency a push notification can be send to all the Doozy users that live in that municipality.

Take a video tour of Doozy

Because a video says more than a thousands words.

See what Doozy can do for you as a municipality

Some cool stats about Doozy

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What our awesome users say

With Doozy you are always up to date with the latest local news. When sending a report with Doozy you can add pictures and a location which is great. This way you can show directly to the municipality what the problem is. They keep you informed and this way you really feel like you are making a difference!
Sending reports with Doozy is both rewarding and fun! You keep informed what happens with your report which is exciting.
Doozy is the app to make a difference in your municipality. It is easy to use and and I like using it!

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